5 Tips for Engaging Telecommute Workers

In a 2010 survey, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) noted that 43% of Human Resource professionals expended an increase in telecommuting, and they were right.

In today’s global economy, organizations must be able to expand their recruitment reach while also providing incentives for employee motivation; telecommuting work arrangements address both of these issues.

As reported by ITBusinessEdge, The Vaya Group, a talent management consulting group, weighs in on the topic of remote workers by sharing their top tips for engaging and motivating remote workers. The tips include:

1. Invest time to form relationships
2. Recognize accomplishments
3. Schedule regular coaching sessions
4. Creative interactive ways to communicate
5. Embrace opportunities for face time

According to ITBusinessEdge, Dr. Paul Eccher, Ph.D., author and co-founder of The Vaya Group states, “Just because…workers are out of sight does not mean they should be kept out of the loop. Leaders must learn how to effectively manage virtual teams in order to improve the bottom line and sustain talent over time.”

To read learn more about these five tips on engaging and motivating telecommuters, visit ITBusinessEdge.

Source: ITBusinessEdge
Image Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net