Is Telecommuting Declining?

Despite its many benefits, research indicates the overall number of people who telecommute has declined between 2008 and 2010, and while Telework Research network research, indicates teleworking is still growing, it’s not growing at the rate many anticipated.

So, why aren’t more people packing up their cubes in favor of work-at-home freedom? A recent article provides a few suggestions:

• Telecommuting isn’t for everyone. Some people simply aren’t interested in working remotely
• Many organizations are not able to measure the associated benefits and costs
• Business and Employees lack the tools to support a telecommute work arrangement
• Some companies are still resistant to managing employees remotely

Other research suggests the reduced growth rate of telecommuting has to do with the current economy. Essentially, employees feel the need to give face time in order to keep their jobs, especially since so many people associate working from home with sleeping on the job.

While those of us at Telecommute News can appreciate the resistance many organizations and employees feel when faced with the telecommuting conundrum, we still feel the benefits of flexible scheduling, reducing your carbon footprint, greater work-life balance, and working in your sweats outweighs the concerns.

Source: Gigaom
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