NTI Press Release: Telecommute IRS Call Center Agents with Disabilities Provide Error-Free Service

The National Telecommuting Institute published a press release this past week on PRWeb featuring IRS Agents who work from home with disabilities.  The press release highlights the excellent work ethics and performance of those working from home.  Disabled workers are able to effectively compete with in-office workers as NTI published the following statement in the press release:

“Agents answering calls to the IRS Forms and Publications Toll-Free Hotline just turned in a second consecutive error-free month. This despite the fact that all of its geographically dispersed agents work remotely due to disabilities that prevent them from working outside their homes.”

All of the agents that work for NTI are screened and trained thoroughly before being allowed to start work as a contact center representative for the IRS or the other companies that currently utilize NTI for their customer service positions.  The National Telecommuting Institute has been operating for fifteen years, with a projected 1,000 employed agents by January of 2011.  According to the 2002 U.S. Census Bureau, 18% of people in the United States reported some level of disability, the National Telecommuting Institute is a welcome resource to assist with maintaining independence and offering new job opportunities.

Source: PRWeb

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