Office vs. Remote Employee Infographic

Take a look at this entertaining “day in the life” look at an office and remote employee. Who would you rather be?, a Citrix powered site that focuses on sharing telecommuting resources, technology, online tools and more, recently created an entertaining infographic that highlights the difference between a remote worker and his office-bound counterpart.

The infographic helps illustrate how extra time spent commuting to and from work can be used to increase productivity and employee well being.

According to the Andrew Millard, Senior Director, Marketing, EMEA, Citrix Online Services Division, who posted the infographic, there’s more to this office vs. remote employee infographic than comic relief. Millard writes that a recent U.K. study reveals, “employees spend about 200 hours (equivalent to an extra 5 working weeks) traveling to and from work per year. Imagine that time stacking up throughout your career.”

So, what was the result of the office-bound worker vs. the telecommuter’s worker? Check out the infographic:

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