Small Businesses in Canada Blaze the Trail for Telecommuting

According to a recent article posted on the Calgary Herald, BMO Bank of Montreal released the results of a telecommuting report on Monday, October 15, 2012 stating that more than one-third of Alberta organizations allow their staff to telework, with small businesses leading the way.

The Herald reports that 11 percent of employees working for small businesses telecommute, while only six percent of employees working for large businesses (those with more than 50 employees) work remotely.

It appears as if smaller businesses are able to provide remote working arrangements because of the inherent flexibility of small business. Basically, smaller organizations can quickly change and adapt policies and procedures whereas larger companies have more processes in place.

It appears as if Alberta employers are beginning to see the associated benefits of having a remote workforce such as increased productivity, greater work/life balance, and reduced expenses.

Source: Calgary Herald
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