Study Indicates Telecommuting Isn’t the Promise Land

A recent university study on telecommuting suggests that telecommuting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

According research conducted by The University of Texas at Austin, working from home actually equates to working longer hours and blurred lines between work-life balance.

The study revealed that a majority of research respondents who telework actually work more hours. According the study, telecommuters work an additional five to seven hours more per week as compared to their counterparts who work exclusively in an office and are significantly less likely to work a standard schedule.

Research authors Jennifer Glass, professor in the Department of Sociology and the Population Research Center at University of Texas at Austin and Mary Noonan, associate professor of sociology at the University of Iowa, also found that when people work from home, the lines between work and home life are often blurred, and telecommute employees often work when are sick or are on vacation.

While this study may disillusion some workers who dream of a telecommuting lifestyle, it could certainly provide ammunition for anyone trying to make a case to their manager for a telework program.

Source: University of Texas, Austin
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