Study Shows Working from Home Increases Wellbeing and Productivity

According to a well-respected online mental health site, researchers have found a link between working from home and increased wellbeing and staff productivity.

According to, researchers at the University of Melbourne’s Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society, (IBES) have found that telecommuting increases employee productivity and overall feelings of wellbeing.

While the overall research is promising for those looking to make a case for working from home, IBES Chief Investigator, Dr. Rachelle Bosua, notes that there’s more to a successful telecommuting work arrangement than outfitting an employee with a laptop. Particularly, management needs to make sure that any staff members working from home have the tools and support in place in order to succeed in a remote environment.

Further, research demonstrates that managing a remote staff requires a different approach than managing in-office employees and that success in a telework role largely depends on the type of work performed. Specifically, more demanding and mentally challenging tasks are best performed in an at-home environment.

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