Telecommute from Home with Telepresence Robot at Work

Anybots,  a start-up located in Silicon Valley California is dedicated to helping launch the next phase of telecommuting through the use of a robot they call QB.  QB is a ‘telepresence’ robot, designed to give those employees who are away from the office, a presence at meetings, their workstation or other areas as needed.  With the rise of teleworking jobs, employers and employees are both realizing the benefits of working from other areas than the traditional office.  With QB, people are able to work in the place that best suits their needs, and at the same time, maintaining their accessibility by co-workers and their boss located in the office setting.

The QB robot allows a worker to log in to it from their home office, controlling the movement by keyboard, as well as acting as a videoconferencing device, enabling the remote person to view and talk to their co-workers, ‘walk’ around the office or other area of the building as needed.  Trevor Blackwell, CEO of Anybots, states  “I really care about making people part of the team they’re in.”   QB may be the future of connecting telecommuting employees to their office counterparts, bringing the team together.

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