Telework in Government Conference

The Advanced Learning Institute recently sponsored a government telework conference in Washington, D.C. that was geared toward helping agencies meet the federal government’s requirements for teleworking. The conference took place on November 6-9 and promised to deliver takeaways on tools and strategies needed for implementing a telework program.

Topics Covered
• How to review initial telework program plans to ensure success
• Creating a case for teleworking
• Evaluation of telework programs
• Providing access to virtual collaboration tools
• Create secure telework technology
• Compliance with Federal telework law requirements
• Indentifying telework eligibility criteria
• Training staff on telecommuting tools
• Establishing realistic teleworker expectations and responsibilities
• Establishing staff telework measurement standards
• Creating a collaborative environment among in-office and remote workers
• Defining teleworking roles
• Telework program implementation standards
• Learning best practices for tracking performance
• Using technology for maximum effectiveness

Conference Benefits
• Over 18 innovative speakers
• More than 24 hours of interactive learning
• Networking opportunities
• Optional workshop sessions
• Lessons learned from successful telecommuting agencies
• Take away research materials
• Access to a training wiki

We look forward to bringing you feedback on the conference’s success in the months to come.

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