Virtual Tool for Managers Resistant to Telecommuting

Private organizations and government agencies typically resist the implementation of a telecommuting policy because management is afraid to lose control over their processes, people, and projects. That’s where applications like TransparentBusiness come in.

TransparentBusiness allows managers to see work that is being performed by staff when they work from home in real time. Managers can see what their employees are doing screenshot by screenshot, without exposing the worker’s privacy. The application’s multi-layer privacy protection ensures managers only see reports for billable time. Features include:

Time Tracking
See detailed activity reports for individual workers. Easy-to-read status bar indicates the level of keyboard activity per employee.

Project Management
Create project plans, identify key tasks, assign staff, upload and share documents, and set project notifications. The application also allows project teams to collaborate via discussion and track projects in real time.

Unlimited Client List
Users can add their clients to the tool to keep track of project hours on a client and project basis.

Invoicing Capability
Send invoices and receive payments via PayPal or any major credit card. is a cloud-based tool that monitors the productivity of telecommute teams, ensuring that online contractors only charge employers or clients for actual working time.

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