Top 10 Best Telecommute Friendly Companies

Telecommuting Friendly Companies

Each year Fortune Magazine releases a top 100 list of the best companies to work for.  The list includes companies that give unusual employee perks, great health or child care benefits as well as companies that allow employees to telecommute.  In 2012, a few of the companies that came out on top as the most friendly towards telecommuting were Teach for America, Intel and Accenture.  Fortune says that these companies allow their employees to work from home at least 20% of the time.  Compared to 2011’s list, Deloitte was at the top as the most telecommute friendly, but they didn’t show up this year in the top ten anywhere with Cisco leading for 2012.

Baptist Health South Florida came in second for the largest number of telecommuters in 2012, an indicator that health care services can be accomplished through telecommuting are on the rise.  Some of the positions these companies offer on a remote or telecommuting basis include-

  • Cisco– Telecommute VOIP IPT Support Architect
  • Baptist Health South Florida– Work from Home Coding Specialists
  • Accenture– Offsite Business Analyst
  • Teach for America– Remote Administrative Support

With telecommuting on the rise for 2012, we should be seeing more and more companies make the switch towards more results-based management, allowing employees more flexibility to meet the demands of work and home life.  For more information visit the Best 100 Best Companies to Work For.





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