flexjobs logoLooking for a telecommuting job, whether full- or part-time, can be difficult to do on your own, especially with the plethora of Internet scams just waiting to take your money. This is why began their telecommuting company (yep, their staff telecommutes too).

Flexjobs is a subscription service that finds and reviews telecommuting jobs. Their team searches the web for jobs, which are then thoroughly evaluated to ensure they are legitimate offers by trustworthy companies. Then, the team summarizes the listing to make job searches easier. Companies are also able to submit jobs to the site to be reviewed in the same manner.

Prices begin at $14.95 a month (there is also an option to pay a yearly fee) for full access to the site’s database of jobs, company research and career search tips.

However, if you’re not sold at first glance, the site also offers useful resources without purchasing a membership. The flexjobs blog provides resources, articles and advice about finding online employment and avoiding scams. Prior to signing up you can also look through job postings and application processes – many of which do not require you to apply via a flexjobs profile.

Flexjobs doesn’t offer many job listings outside the United States, but if you live in the U.S. you’re in luck. The site lists many part- and full-time positions throughout the states in a multitude of different industries. They also provide more than 100 different job categories to narrow down your job search. You can search jobs by keyword, category, company, type of job, etc.

If your looking for information on a membership you may want to skip the site’s tour, which isn’t any more informative than the about us page and omits key features like details behind the resume profile. The site allows you to create a ‘profile’ surrounding a specific job search. You can include a brief summary of the type of job you’d like as well as a resume and any other attachments (writing samples) you may want to share.

Without a doubt the site offers relief for telecommuters and freelancers who are used to checking multiple sites in search of jobs, but is it worth the price tag? If you’re seriously looking and ready to flaunt your skills then take advantage of what this site has to offer. Whether or not you sign up, keep this site in mind for future resources.

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